Opening a Darkroom

My Background


I'm a NJ based fine art film photographer  with years of experience in the darkroom and a passion for film photography.  I've also had experience facilitating hands-on learning for creative teams.  

A Public Darkroom in NJ!


The closest public darkrooms to me are in Brooklyn.  After having to travel that distance myself, and talking to fellow NJ photographers, I realized that there is the demand for a community darkroom right here in NJ, and I'd like to be the one to satisfy that need.  Whether experienced or just starting out, you're welcome at Obscura!

We're open!


Yes, we are open!  Make sure to check out our Facebook page for quick updates and fun content... and make sure to leave a comment, feedback, or words of support using the comment button below.  Sign up for photography, darkroom, and film classes today!

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